Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rough Way To Go

With a chance to take the lead, with about 6 seconds left, the Spartans missed a shot. Butler took the ball, got fouled and after about 10 minutes of watching time outs, the Spartans lost. This was a rough, physical game and hard to watch sometimes. The MSU offense was pitiful for most of the second half. If they hit any of their shots during the dry spells they would have won. The Spartans got in foul trouble early and often, but kept Howard on the bench.

It was a great season, and MSU played very well despite loosing their leader and best player. It was a great game against a great team. Did you know Butler is just 7 miles from Indy? I never heard that before today.

The loss makes one feel empty, and there were some terrible calls. Excellent season, and it gives the Spartans something to build on. Right now, it just sucks.

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