Monday, April 5, 2010

Detroit Tigers Season Preview

The Detroit Tigers had a rough offseason. They blew a huge lead in the division, lost a one game playoff and traded away a very popular and successful player. Miggy Cabrera was fat and hungover (I'm not bitter) near the end of the season, but still put up great numbers and is in the best shape of his life (heard that before) and is looking for redemption. Magglio Ordonez probably went to Subway and worked out with Miguel because he is looking slim this spring. He is trying to resurrect his career as a singles hitter.

The rotation looks solid at the top. Verlander is a top pitcher in the Major Leagues. Scherzer looks like a very good pitcher in the making, but maybe not this year. I really want to believe Bonderman will come back with a solid season, but I don't think it will happen. Willis made the rotation because the Tigers are paying him so much and he may have gotten over his anxiety disorders and "batting practice" style of pitching. Zumaya won't ever live up to the talent he has and will be hurt again. Rick Porcello has to be more consistent.

Sizemore and Jackson could really make the rebuilding project easier by producing. I think both will have good seasons, but could be streaky, like rookies usually are. Jackson adds speed, but we will all see how valuable Granderson was. Everette is not a good option at shortstop,and needs to be replaced soon. Laird is a fan favorite and a solid catcher. I don't see Inge hitting more than 20 home runs. His bionic knees are really going to have to hold up. Damon will give the team a lot of hitting but his defense will be fading as he nears 40.

The Tigers will contend for the division all year, but they lack the hitting to make the playoffs. The back end of the pitching staff could be good, or could be really awful, but I expect some shuffling will take place. The bullpen will be better than people think.

AL Central

The Twins have a new ballpark and a really good team. They always seem to hang around and contend. Ron Gardenhire is probably the most underrated manager in the MLB. The White Sox have a lot of really good players, Jake Peavy and could have the least amount of power an AL team could have. The Royals will be awful, and can look forward to not losing 100 games. Poor Zach Greinke. The Indians are in full rebuilding. They have traded too many good pitchers. Kerry Wood is done. I am sad to see him break down. The glory days of 2003 were so long ago. The Tigers will stick around and maybe even shock some people if their younger players step up and the pitching staff shines. I have the Twins winning the division, the White Sox and Tigers will battle for second and could sneak up and take the division. The Royals won't finish in last place, and the Indians will be terrible.

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