Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. Washington Redskins: Your team pulled a trade not giving up too much (a 2nd rounder and a conditional 3rd or 4th next year) and made your team significantly better. McNabb can manage the game well enough to let the Redskins "Over The Hill Gang 2.0" win enough games to sniff the playoffs. I am not convinced the Giants are going to improve next year, the Cowboys are hard to predict and the Eagles lack defense and are very young on offense. Now, with Shanahan, is time to strike and see if you can pull something off.

2. UConn Women's Basketball: Going undefeated 2 straight season in a row is difficult to do in anymore sport. And the way the UConn ladies did it (46-12 lead at the half, in the tournament) was quite impressive. They could reload and do it again next year, and break the UCLA Basketball record for wins in a row with 88. Even more impressive is the team sticking together and playing so well and not letting their egos or skill the best of them.

3. Jason Heyward: The Braves ultra prospect hit a home run in his first at bat and looks like the future all star he has been made out to be. I know its one game, and it was against a struggling Zambrano, but the future looks bright for him and Atlanta, who I think will make the playoffs this season. Lets see how the season pans out, but this kid looks really talented.

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