Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Draft Fast Approaching, I Try To Stomach Some More Speculation

I love the draft. My team is lucky enough to get two Super Bowls every year. One on Thanksgiving, and one in late April. It happens right after bracket season when we are all experts on predicting sports. The speculation is a lot of fun, and don't get me wrong, I love talking about it. But I just want to hear Detroit Lions select Suh at number two. After that, I will take anybody Mayhew selects. He is still innocent until proven guilty. Two is probably the toughest number. We can't sign anybody early, and it all comes down to St. Louis. So far it looks like Sam Bradford will go first overall, leaving the decision to the Lions.

There is some talk the Lions could go with Russel Okung. That would be, in a word, dumb. Lets examine that scenario. Okung at two, with the intention of him eventually playing left tackle.

1) Okung starts the season at Right or Left Guard, to get playing time. Unless an injury pops up, then he would start at Tackle.

2)Left Guard seems to be covered with the signing of Rob Sims. I hope (as do the Lions) to resign him to a long term deal, but lets not go all D-Train Willis with this signing. Right Guard is manned by the underrated Stephen Peterman, who should be healthy for the season. Right Tackle is set with Godser, who isn't going anywhere. Backus is a better Left Tackle than many think he is. Yeah, I said it.

3) So, with Backus and Cherilus making too much money, and all other positions being covered (not saying they are good, but covered) where would he play. I don't want to just kick Backus inside. He can't pass block, but still can run block like a champ. Okung needs work being a spread system.

So Okung could play sparingly at first, then pick up time. The signing of Sims and the commitment to Backus by the staff don't make a Left Tackle likely, but Mayhew is talking like the Lions could take anybody. Obviously Mayhew is trying to pay the second pick. The pick, with all its money and the rookie salary cap looming, is pretty unattractive. If the Lions take Suh, he can play as much as any lineman can, rotating in, learning the system and speed of the NFL (probably gaining some weight) and generally just making the transition.

Bottom line, the Lions need defense badly, and Suh makes everyone around him better. He is more talented than Okung, and will make the Lions much better. The signing of Sims and late round picks should make the Lions better, and make taking Okung a luxury pick a team with more talent than the Lions.

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