Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chicago Bears Draft In Review

The Bears lacked a lot of picks in this year's draft due to the Jay Cutler trade.  That's too bad for them because they could use some of the lineman and other prospects that was featured in the draft.  That is why they were so aggressive in free agency this season.  I was surprised that Greg Olsen wasn't moved beforehand.

Third Round, 75th Overall, Major Wright, Florida:  Nice pick, gives the secondary some athleticism and coverage skills.  Played for a winner and a big time program.  Should get playing time right away.  Nice third round pick.  Grade: B

Fourth Round, 109th Overall, Corey Wootton, Northwestern: Local kid, really good pick.  Has a lot of talent but was coming back from an injury all year last year.  He is going to be more like he was his junior year when he was healthy.  Will need some time to recover and strengthen still, but could be a really solid pro.  Grade: B+

Fifth Round, 141st Overall, Joshua Moore, Kansas State: Doesn't have great speed, but could be a solid Cover-2 corner.  Not a great tackler, but could be groomed into a Nickel corner guy.  Lot of people still on the board I don't really like this pick.  Grade: C-

Sixth Round, 181st Overall, Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan University:  Doesn't fit into Martz's system because of his arm strength.  I really thought he was a higher pick, so this is a good find.  Can run the wildcat, if the Bears choose to run it.  Will need some time, but will be a popular backup and solid player. Grade: B

Seventh Round, 218th Overall, J'marcus Webb, West Texas A&M: Total project, but has size.  Good seventh round pick.  The Bears may play him earlier because they need offensive line help.  Not bad at all.  Grade: C+

Like the Lions, the Bears didn't have a lot of picks.  They took some really good value and I love the Wootton pick.  They mostly took depth players who could contribute in a year or two.  Not a bad draft, but not exciting.  Grade: B-

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