Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 1: Winners And Losers

The obvious winner in all of this is the NFL and ESPN/NFL Network by the draft moving to the current format.  I have more time to enjoy and digest more of the draft than ever before.  Its far superior to the marathon two day by the end of the time I'm exhausted approach.


Seattle Seahawks:  Okung and Thomas were great building block picks.  Pete Carroll didn't disappoint in his first draft.  He didn't reach to get anybody and resisted Spiller.   Way to start a new era.

San Francisco: Building the team you want is huge.  Any offensive line problems should go away soon.  Singletary is building his team.

Tim Tebow:  Can't believe he went so early.  Nice story, but is it smart to draft someone so high that you don't know where he is going to play.  But good for him.

Al Davis:  Made a smart pick with the MLB Rolando McClain.  He has Raider swagger and fills a need.  Everybody was waiting for him to take Spiller or Clausen and Davis made the smart pick.


ESPN:  ESPN was late on cuts and returning to action.  They ruined suspense by showing the players celebrate with their families before Roger Goodell came up to the podium.  The move to prime time was great, and ESPN dropped the ball.  I wish I had NFL Network in my apartment.

Mel Kiper Jr.: is as qualified as you and me.  He has no college degree, was never a scout, player, coach, general manager,  or anything I don't have.  His picks looked awful last night and his players usually sucks.  I really don't like him, I'll be honest.  I agree with him sometimes, but hes still bad.

Denver Broncos:  After trading and moving down for extra picks, they take some of those picks to move up and get.....Tim Tebow?  Right now he is developmental player, possibly Wildcat QB.  Demaryius Thomas was a nice character pick, but is an Option WR and a big question mark.

Jimmy Clausen: He has fallen so far that the money is just gone.  Tebow went first, and McCoy could go before him too.  I still think someone will get a bargain, but he is Aaron Rodgers/Brady Quinn/Chad Henne/Brian Brohm all over again.

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