Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cowboys Are The Team To Beat

It sounds weird but right now the hottest team in the NFC are the Dallas Cowboys. They have shook off (for now) their losing ways in December. Their defense is red hot having two shut outs on the road. If you take away their (and Romo's) history, the Cowboys would be the clear favorite.

Minnesota and New Orleans have more weaknesses right now than the Cowboys. Minnesota struggles on the road and in prime time. Favre and Childress could have a disagreement at any time and disrupt the chemistry of the team. They can give up yards in bunches and have a vulnerable secondary. New Orleans has lost its swagger right now and although they will be well rested, they are also losers of three straight and needed a few breaks to get this far. They should have lost to Washington and have had some close calls. There defense isn't invincible and they may not get all the turnovers and defensive touchdowns they had in the regular season.

The Cowboys have a brutal pass rush and decent secondary. They are a hungry veteran team and have played inspired football since Thanksgiving. They have beaten the teams they should and have destroyed NFC East rivals. They are the most focus I have ever seen a Cowboys team play. They get at least one playoff game in Dallas. They have a dominating offense that is balanced and physical. What more could you want from a playoff team?

Their confidence is high but they wont let it get to them. Most of the same players remember losing to the Giants 2 years ago and Romo's fumbled snap 3 years ago. I guarantee Romo won't be going to Cabo this week and the Cowboys will work harder and I sure wouldn't want to play them right now.

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