Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The NFC Playoff Picture: The Deepest Field Ever

The Saints and Vikings both look like teams that don’t look confident going into the playoffs. The Saints have lost three in a row and have given most of their players off time. The rust could really start to build for a team that doesn't know how to win just yet. They have the best offense in the playoffs and an aggressive defense that could put it together at any time. They could also fall apart at any time. Being in the Superdome is a huge home field advantage but I can see all the teams in the NFC being able to beat them anywhere.
The Vikings look like they are falling under the diva spell of Favre. He is an awesome teammate when things are going well but when the first sign of losing takes place, the team goes into panic mode. Adrian Peterson and that defensive line can flat out take over games but the team still has more holes than people think. The do play much better at home.
The Cowboys are hot and look unstoppable right now, right when a team wants to be. Romo is making plays and playing the best, smartest football of his career. The defense is fierce and is getting better every week. Now they just need to shake themselves of their losing ways in the playoffs.
The Cardinals rested people this week and got demolished by the Packers at home. Luckily they get a chance at a rematch at home against Green Bay. Boldin looks to play banged up and the Cards look to recapture last year’s magic. It’s hard to count out these guys but they just don’t seem to stack up to the other teams.
The Packers are also playing their best football of the year and they are firing on all cylinders. The defense is creating turnovers and sacks and shutting down teams. The offense has the best mix of balance and home run hitting in the league. Rodgers is ready for the playoffs and the line has been playing much better as of late.
Despite being crushed in the last game of the season, the Eagles are still dangerous. Their offense is still very explosive and they have very good experience in the playoffs. It will be hard to win on the road but they get to play Dallas a third time. If Dallas goes back to their old ways in the playoffs, things could turn around quickly for them.
The NFC is very loaded and every one of these teams could go to the Super Bowl. With a field this deep, the playoffs are bound to be amazing this year.

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