Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday NFL Action

I will take a look at Saturday's football games. Last weekend I went 1-3 in my picks. I know.

Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints

Aging vet Kurt Warner tries to lead his troops in New Orleans against my Father's Fantasy Football MVP Drew Brees. This will be the NFL's sweetheart game. New Orleans, a city which has withstood so much in the past few years against Warner, trying to recreate last year's Cinderella magic. This game will be a shootout like last weekend's "Gunfight at Glendale Corral" and will feature some of the games best offensive talent. Like last weekend, the first team to make a play on defense will win this game.

Arizona 45-38

Baltimore Ravens vs Indianapolis Colts

In old Colts vs new Colts I see both teams coming out slow even with the Ravens beat down they handed out last weekend. This game will be more defensive than people expect with Manning coming out rusty (I warned you Jimmy) and could down to a field goal, where I trust Colt's Mr. Clutch. Flacco will have to do something he never has in the playoffs. Make plays. The Luke will be rocking as the Colts move on.

Indianapolis 17-15

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