Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday NFL Playoff Predictions

Baltimore vs New England

This was the toughest game to pick all weekend. On one hand, you have a still talented New England team at home in the first week of the playoffs. But they are so beat up and without Wes Welker and they are vulnerable as ever. The Ravens run the ball well and play great defense, which makes them perfect for cold weather football in Foxboro. The Ravens are experienced too, but I think they are on the losing side of this contest. Tom Brady has to will the team to win, and Randy Moss better show up.

Patriots, 17-14

Green Bay vs Arizona

Zona isn't good at home. Green Bay is good on the road. Green Bay blew out the Cardinals last weekend, and if yesterday was any indicator the team who won last week can win this week. Green Bay is a very young team with a lot to prove to the league, but is led by some great vets, especially on defense. If they sit back and play coverage, they can stop the Cardinals and let their amazing offense take over the game. It is huge to take the crowd out of a game early and get the Cardinals off their game. We all saw what they can do last year. Arizona has to play great offense and force Green Bay to pass first, which has killed them this year. I still think the Packers will pull it out in a close one.

Packers, 35-31

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