Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You're Welcome: Baby, There's No Other Superstar

This weekend saw a great deal of blowout football but more competitive match ups are in store for us. As football wraps up, we will see who the real champion is in the NFL. Because it sure isn't clear right now.

1. Early Doucet- I remember you in your LSU days and you have a great deal of hype around you. It all came together on Sunday's pass happy slug fest of two heavy weight offenses as Mr. Doucet had two big touchdown catches. Filling in for Steve Breaston (who was filling in for Anquan Boldin) Doucet came up big when his team needed him.

2. Garrett Gilbert- Freshman QB coming in for a living legend in the National Championship game where you are already playing a team picked by many to be far superior. Their defense had dominated Tim Tebow and yet you put it together to give the Longhorns a chance to win. Texas fans have a lot to look forward to with Mr. Gilbert. Honorable mention to Colt McCoy for being a total class act in the post game conference.

3. Pete Carroll- You turned a mediocre NFL career into a world class college football one to another shot at the NFL. After a down year and losing more talent and possible scandal coming to USC, Carroll got out and turned it into a 5 year 35 million dollar deal with team control. Not bad at all. USC is as close to a NFL job as anyone can get in college, and Carroll will try to turn that into winning in Seattle.

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