Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You're Welcome! I Try To Redeem Myself and My Horrible Picks This Weekend

I went 0-4 this weekend, 1-7 in the playoffs. I will still pick the playoff games this weekend, but with a little twist. Be sure to check it out this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy this You're Welcome!

1. Rex Ryan- You got your team in the playoffs (by playing B-teams for two weeks) said you were the team to beat and have proved it not once, but twice on the road. Sure, Cinncy looked horrible and have gone through a lot and the Chargers are choke artists, but winning playoff games on the road is tough to come by. With a brutal defense and great running game, a rookie QB like Mark Sanchez can just not lose games for you. It looks like the Jets are building a great team to do this year in and year out, but will their magic run out Sunday?

2. Brett Favre- Didn't choke in the playoffs and played very well. Amazing for 40 years old. Now its time to do what you came back for. The Vikings had a lot of questions after losing into the playoffs the last four weeks, but now they could be going to Miami with a QB's and franchise's legacy on the line. The Saints will be tough in a hostile environment, but Favre is ready to go.

3. Evan Turner- Coming back from a scary back injury isn't easy, but Mr. Turner is playing great right now. OSU is the second best team in the Big Ten this basketball season (yeah they are Purdue) and Turner is leading the way. Keeping with the aggressive style that got him hurt, Evan is the Big Ten's best draft prospect and possible best player outside of East Lansing. If Ohio State is going to make another deep tourney run, Turner needs to get back to 100% and start taking over games.

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