Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You’re Welcome! Starting Off 2010 Right

This is a great time of the year for sports, with NFL playoffs starting, Hockey in full swing and basketball starting to heat up. There were a lot of choices I could have gone with here, but sadly have to pick the top three. Here is this week’s You’re Welcome!

1.Boston Bruins-You became the first host team to win the Winter Classic since it started three years ago. In one of the NHL’s best moves in years, the Winter Classic has become a very popular event and this year was no different than the Wrigley Field Edition last year. You came back from a one goal deficit in the third period to win in an Overtime thriller. Boston should go deep into the playoffs this year and if they can get past Pittsburgh and Washington their path to the cup should be all but locked up.

2.Terrell Pryor-You learned how to pass while practicing for the Rose Bowl. When you defeated the Ducks on New Year’s you got the Ohio State can’t win a big bowl game monkey off your back. Pryor passed 37 times against a fast Duck Defense. If Pryor can become a passing threat too, he can be a candidate for the Heisman. I know Michigan fans say they don’t miss him (they’re lying) but he would have fit the RichRod Spread Option better than Tressel’s I won’t budge a bit on my system pro set offense. He has all the physical tools you could ask for, and in his third year he could take off and be outstanding.

3. Florida State- You beat a superior team (basically at home) to send off your Hall Of Fame coach out right. He is behind JoePa quite a bit now (even more if the Seminoles lose more games in a cheating scandal) but he went out what he was his entire career, a winner. He is a dinosaur now, with the 24/7 ESPN network we live in, but a lot of his coaching principles are timeless. FSU’s future looks to be bright with a smooth coaching transition to Jimbo Fisher, but things won’t be the same with Bobby Bowden on the sidelines.

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