Sunday, March 7, 2010

Letter To Jim Schwartz

Dear Coach Schwartz,

First I would like to say I really admire the job you have done with my favorite team so far. I know you are the man to lead our team to establishing a winning tradition. You coach with such intensity and passion, something I believe will lead to wins in the near future.

I am a passionate Lions and NFL fan. I watch all the football I can and soak in the draft, combine, training camps and everything that has to do with the greatest sports league in the world. I know there is one player you have to give at least a tryout. Two years ago, in the seventh round, your predecessor selected a man and made his dream come true, but only for a moment. Caleb Campbell is an outstanding man and hero to this nation. He is a hard worker and was a captain on his Army Black Knights football team. Now he is busy serving our country fighting to keep us safe. But you could rekindle his dream to play the sport he loves with the best players in the world. I know if you give him a chance, he will give you one hundred and ten percent and do everything to the best of his ability. He will arrive early and stay late and be a great example to a team in transition. My mother watches the Lions because I love them so much. She doesn’t know many players or remembers many scores, but she remembers a young man with a passion and dream selected that April day. My family is close to the military, and we know the struggles their families go through every day. If anyone deserves this, it’s a man that serves his nation with honor and dignity.

Campbell would be a great story that people can follow and discover the organization that we are becoming. He would show the world that with a dream anybody can do anything. I think as a coach, you can appreciate his story and his drive to succeed. His impact would be felt on and off the field. All I am asking for is to give him a chance to live his dream and show why this team drafted him in the first place. Please invite him to training camp this summer to display his talent.

Thank you for all you do. If you keep working hard, I will always remain loyal to this team and believe. I know you can do it. Go Lions!


Weston Corbitt

This is a real letter I am sending to Coach Schwartz in the near future. I will let you know if he responds and what he says. I would love to see Campbell in a Lions uniform next season. Lets all hope he gets a chance and voice your support. Go Lions!


  1. Campbell is not a hero, and he hasn't been fighting squat. Since being called away from Lions camp, he's been an assistant strength coach at Army and learning how to bobsled. There's no "family struggle" there. Hope he gets a tryout all you want, I don't really care. Just don't make the guy out to be something he's not.

  2. Anyone in the military is a hero in my book. Any family with anyone in the military makes sacrifices. It makes no difference how much action they see to me, his dedication to this country is something to admire.

  3. If he was dedicated to this country, he wouldn't be playing football. You can't have it both ways. Not that there's anything wrong with playing football, but again, just don't make him out to be something he's not.

  4. You make some good points. I don't question his loyalty to this country. He could have went elsewhere to play college football. Should he be in the middle east fighting? I would think if he wasn't good at football he would be like his classmates. But you can't fault him for having talent. I believe he should get his tryout for the Lions, like the Army said, after 2 years, then after that serve out his commitment. I just don't want him to be lost in the shuffle of the NFL. That's all. Good discussion.