Monday, March 29, 2010

Michigan State Makes An Even More Improbable Run To Final Four

I didn't even think the Spartans would make it past the opening weekend. But it seems Spartan basketball is the opposite of Spartan football and win when they aren't expected.

Its hard to bet against Izzo in the tournament. First, no he is not going to Oregon, the NBA or anywhere else. Secondly, he truly gets the most out of his players even the bench players who had to step in with the injuries that devastated the team in the Maryland game. Without Kalin, Korie Lucious took over the offense and turned into a scoring machine. He did have a lapse in ball handling against Tennessee, but the rest of his starting time has been productive. Raymar had an awful game against UNI but came back against Tennessee to have a great game and the winning shot. In two short weeks, Izzo took a backup Point Guard and turned him into a top talent. He took a player who can't focus and turn talent into production and made him the winning difference Sunday. The talent is obvious, its Michigan State, but Kentucky and Kansas are better teams and they lost earlier.

MSU and Duke are the favorites to win it all now. Butler is a cute hometown favorite, but MSU will beat them Saturday. Duke and West Virginia will be a slugfest.

As long as MSU is in the tournament, and Izzo is on the bench, the Spartans can win it all. This year the odds were a little worse, but you can't go against the stats. Tom Izzo wins in March.

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