Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You're Welcome! Bracket Edition

Well, my brain is burned out from all the brackets I have filled out.  I have my bracket of integrity, which I have used often, 20 made on ESPN for the cash, and my MSU wins it all good luck bracket.  I am done now luckily.  Just like last year, when my blog was launched with the help of MSU's tourney run, I will break down the Spartan's games and the top games later in the tournament.  Now here is a big serving of You're Welcome!

1. The NHL:  Suspending a super star is never easy, and its even harder in a league like the NHL who needs all the cash you can get.  I think the NHL listened to Don Cherry and made up for the not suspensions they have had this season.  Either clean up the game, or get more body bags, because this isn't old time hockey, its turning the league into guys taking cheap shots.

2.  Rex Grossman:  This is a little strange, so let me explain.  Grossman has taken not very much talent, being too short and not putting up big numbers and turned it into another NFL contract.  He got drafted in the first round, because the Bears can't ever have a good QB or recognize such talent.  He then bounced around from being loved or hated in Chicago, lucked out by playing on the same team with da Bears D and Devin Hester and led them to the Super Bowl.  Then he played awful for about another decade before getting shipped off to Houston.  He completed 33% of his passes, then got cut, then got signed by the Redskins.  He is now one sack (or Shanahan cut) away to being the starter for a top NFL team (by top, I mean popular and profitable).  Crazy how the NFL works sometimes.

3. Evan Turner: Instantly became the top player in the nation with an awesome Big Ten tourney and that clutch game winner versus arch rival Michigan.  His skills translate so well into the NBA and he could take Ohio State to the National Championship.  He is very impressive to watch and is taking his game to the next level at the right time.

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