Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You're Welcome!

One weekend away from crowning the National Champions in college basketball. Sadly, the tournament won't ever be this good again as the field of 96 option will most likely pass and we will get an extra weekend to watch even more watered down basketball. Cinderella said it best with "You don't know what you got till its gone" and Saturday, one Cinderella tries to keep the clock from striking midnight.

1. Tom Izzo: The Spartans and Coach Izzo deserve all the credit they get from ESPN, Weston Corbitt, the Big Ten Network (presented by delicious Ro-Tel) and national newspapers. Izzo has even turned this run into a flattering "thanks but no thanks" deal from the University of Nike. Oregon offered Izzo full control and a million bajillion dollar contract. First off, 100% chance he turns this down. Secondly, he deserves whatever amount of money he wants. 6 Final Fours in 12 years is astounding. Tom Izzo is the best coach in America, hands down.

2. Kevin Kolb: In a small amount of playing time, Kevin Kolb has convinced the franchise he is the starting quarterback, and that Donovan McNabb should be traded. I am almost positive McNabb gets traded for a decent draft pick (second rounder) and that Kolb will take over, with Michael Vick in a more expanded Wildcat/Backup QB/Decoy/WR/RB/Public Relations Magnet. McNabb is obviously past his prime, and the defense isn't good enough to win with all the new weapons on offense. The team needs a new leader. Andy Reid will be fired if this experiment doesn't work out.

3. Not Stephen A. Smith: said the Eagles owe McNabb better. That may be true, but he brought up some awful points. He said the team never gave him a good running game. So what was Duce Staley and Bryant Westbrook? The team wasn't even built around running, but short throwing, even more so near the goal line, which padded McNabb's stats. He said they never gave him good targets to throw too. TO was run out of town after leading the team to a Super Bowl. Receivers were taken high (Freddie Mitchell) and eventually DeSean Jackson panned out. Westbrook and his tight ends were all above average. He also had great coaching, wonderfully mean home field advantage and an elite defense to help him win. Stephen A. Smith is sometimes good, but usually bad and I think tries to go out there to make his point. I don't hate McNabb either. When it comes down to it, all these same arguments can be used for Brett Favre as well. The difference is, Favre is a Hall Of Famer.

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