Monday, March 1, 2010

USA Loses Heartbreaker, Crosby Becomes A National Hero

First, I'll state my feelings on the game. I have had a night to think about it and have come up with this. I am very proud of the USA team for going to the gold medal game and playing well beyond their talent. They were a young team who ignored the hockey experts and went out and played far better than I expected. Ryan Miller is the best goaltender in the world. The game went to overtime and lost to the best team in the tournament on their own ice.

Sydney Crosby deserves a lot of the crap he takes. I have never been a fan of Bettman's boy. But, I know he is very talented, (I put him right behind Ovechkin) and I know he has put up with a lot, rescuing a franchise and a league after a disastrous lockout. That being said, he made a superstar play at a superstar time that won his team gold. He didn't have a dominating tournament, but he made some good plays throughout the gold medal game (the breakaway, good defense, a game winning goal) and earned the love of at least one nation. He will be a hero no matter what he does now for Canada and made probably the second most clutch play in Canadian Hockey history (Paul Henderson in the Summit Series is first).

Overall, I didn't watch much Olympics outside of hockey. Why should I watch skiing once every four years? But, Canada did a good job and these were a memorable Olympics. Hopefully, the US keeps this in their thoughts and go into Russia in 2014 with gold being the only option.

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