Friday, February 26, 2010

Ryan Miller Strengthens Back For Today's Match By Carrying US National Team

The news out of Canada Hockey (GM) Place is that Ryan Miller, the USA's top player, has started a new exercise regiment. It involves carrying the entire 20 man Olympic Roster on his back for two weeks. Reports are that Miller has added 8 pounds of muscle already to get to a career high weight of 134 pounds.

"I'm sure I could fit a little more weight onto my 6'2'' frame, but why mess with success?" Miller commented. "I just hope someone else can carry the load before the match against Finland. Maybe an offensive player. Just saying."

USA Head Coach Ron Wilson commented on his star player. "After the 6th guy turned down the USA coaching gig, I jumped right on it. To coach a player that is as talented as Miller is a dream come true. I haven't seen this kind of talent in Toronto unless we play the Wings, Caps or Pens."

Some people are not as big of fans. Canadian Hockey Legend Don "Grapes" Cherry is not as sold. "Well I'll tell you what Ron (obviously confusing me with his Hockey Night In Canada sidekick Ron McClain) Miller is a solid goaltender don't get me wrong, but I'd rather have a good Canadian boy like Roberto Luongo in net for me. He isn't afraid to let up 7 goals in an elimination playoff game. That is what makes him great."

Miller leads his surprising USA team today against the tough Finnish team. He has confidence but says "they could go all Mighty Ducks 2 on us and come out of nowhere to beat us, like the Norwegians." On a side note, the Norwegian national team finished 14 out of 12 teams this Olympics.

Zach Parise says "we practice the flying V all the time, I just hope we can successfully execute it."

The USA takes on Finland today with a trip to the Gold Medal game on the line. On a side note, Ron Wilson has hired former WMU Head Coach Jim Culhane as a special assistant. Culhane's job is to make the US offense even more pitiful, to keep the games close and help NBC's ratings.

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