Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You're Welcome!

Hopefully everyone is have a good Winter Part 2 like most of Michigan is experiencing. Luckily, my knee is healing well enough where I can do a video blog very soon. Here is this week's You're Welcome!

1. Big Ten- Expansion Fever has hit hard in the Midwest (vaccines will be available after the pandemic is over) and the Big Ten presented by Ro-Tel is looking to expand to 12, 14 or 34 teams within the next 16 months. But I love the especially gutsy move by asking Texas would join the Big Ten. That's like asking out the prettiest girl in school to the prom. She will probably say no, but if not, you'll be the coolest kid in town and at least you tried. Other candidates are Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Pitt and Missouri. This could really make the Big Ten a power conference with a large TV Network. People could stop ripping on them and see how good the football (and basketball) is. Great job Big Ten!

2. NBA- Your All-Star Weekend was great and fun besides one obvious event (rhymes with Slam Dunk Contest) and the Jerry-Dome looked as good as ever. I would watch anything in that Stadium/Crown Jewel of America and this event was well done. Sure a lot of people didn't play, and Zach Randolph played too hard but it was an enjoyable weekend. Nice job guys. Special shout out to Charles "5 Dollar Box" Barkley for asking tough questions at inappropriate times.

3. Landon Donovan- Has done an amazing job while in England on loan to Everton. He has played both wings (left and right) and has added talent and scoring for the Toffees. He is getting valuable experience and exposure leading up to this summer's World Cup. Although Team USA needs to get healthy, but they definitely have their leader playing the best soccer of his life.

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