Monday, February 1, 2010

NFC North Stereotypes Itself, Chicago Bears Don't Learn

The Chicago Bears have hired Mike Martz as offensive coordinator, to jump start a struggling attack and have Jay Cutler realize his true potential. Only they forgot he didn't work out with Detroit or San Francisco and while being the Head Coach in St. Louis Martz couldn't win the big one with a very talented team. This hire will do nothing but waste the talent of Matt Forte, who will see his carries reduced even more. He does have some of the skill set of Marshall Faulk, but Chicago's offense does not have the wide receiving talent that the Rams did so the it may limit an already tough offense to master.

I saw the Lions run this offense for two years, and although it kept us competitive in a lot of games, it helped us lose many more. We had zero running game and Kitna was repeatedly sacked and pressured into make terrible throws. The turnovers were too much for most teams to overcome and the Lions lost often. The Bears have more talent overall, but with an aging defense and offensive line, can they afford to expose their weaknesses so much? The answer is no. With rumors of Rod Marinelli being the Bear's new defensive coordinator it is obvious Chicago wasn't paying attention when the Lions lost all those games.

The NFC North has a nasty habit recycling players and coaches. This is just a prime example of it. Bernard Berrien played with the Bears, then the Vikings. Culpepper with the Vikings then the Lions. Favre with Green Bay then Minnesota. Kevin Jones was released by the Lions, then picked up by Chicago. There are more examples that will prove my point further. In the division that refuses to change, I suppose borrowing players from one another is a good way to keep your systems intact.

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