Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Preview Challenge: Part I

I had my mom pick the two championship games and she went 1-1 equally my win total for the playoffs. Now I will have her pick the Super Bowl as well, but this time I will go head to head to see who does better. I will also add my insight into the game. Also, I will start my video blog a little later. My knee injury has set my back in school and I need to catch up and get stuff together before I start because I want it to be good, not something thrown together.

We know the teams coming in to this game, two offense juggernauts with underrated defenses playing in the big game. They were the best teams in the regular season, undefeated for 14 games (Colts) and 13 games (Saints) and dominant in most of those wins. Peyton Manning has been the best Quarterback in the league over the last decade, and Drew Brees has put up ridiculous numbers for the last few years in New Orleans in Sean Payton's video game offense. This year the Saints added a running game to balance stuff out, and Darren Sharper has been a great leader and playmaker for a defense that was awful last year. Colt's rookie head coach Jim Caldwell has led the team to a remarkable season and hasn't missed a beat from Tony Dungy.

The Colts must avoid letting up too many big plays. Accept that you will give up some big plays to the Saints on offense and defense and go from there. Manning is smart and will prepare well. If the Colts can find any running game (similar to when it came alive against the Bears in the last Colts Super Bowl) it will help keep Brees on the sidelines. With Dwight Freeney either out or severely limited it means the Colts must sit back and play coverage, because I don't think they will be able to hit home on any pass rush.

The Saints must keep their foot on the pedal and don't let up the aggression on offense, defense or special teams. They need to use the emotion of being here and play loose. They looked vulnerable to a couple of bad teams and need to get off to a quick start. They have to hit hard and try to get to Manning and get him off his rhythm. Someone will have to step up on offense besides Brees to be a leader and help get this team a win.

Despite the Cinderella story Saints winning and beating Favre and Warner in the playoffs, I don't see them winning. The Colts are too well rounded and prepared for this. They have experience and smarts and should take home the Lombardi trophy.

Colts 28 Saints 21

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