Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You're Welcome!

This week leading up to the Super Bowl is one of the most over rated in sports. The media day is worthless and both teams know who to shut down by now. The strategy doesn't matter if you don't execute. Sometimes a interesting story comes by, but for the most part I just sit and wait for the Super Bowl. After Sunday, college basketball really starts to take off and the madness begins a little early. Even pitchers and catchers report in a few weeks. Now here is the You're Welcome!

1. Jimmy Howard- When I said that the Red Wings had to give this kid a chance in a put up or shut up opportunity, I didn't think he would play this well. But he is putting up big time save numbers on a regular basis and keeping the Wings in games they should have lost. He may not be the long term solution, but he is at least keeping the Wings in the playoff race, keeping the goaltending position warm for Ozzie in April.

2. The NFL- Not only did you sell out the Pro Bowl this year (doesn't happen very often) it got the highest ratings ever for the Pro Bowl. I think we can account that to having it the week before the Super Bowl. Having it be in Miami helped too. I don't see why a city with no NFL (and is never going to get one) should have the Super Bowl. The NHL wouldn't put an All Star game in Kansas City and the NBA wouldn't put one in Baltimore, so why does the NFL? Although some of the best players didn't play people still watched. Now I think it should go one step further, and have the game the Saturday before the Super Bowl. How would that weekend look?

3. Wisconsin Badger Basketball- The Kohl Center is one of the toughest places to play in the nation. Tom Izzo has never beaten Bo Ryan there. They don't even have a very good student section and they still keep winning at home. The Badger 1950's style of offense can give any team a hard time and they play so fundamentally sound that it is hard for any team to win. The Spartans still are a top 5 team (hopefully Kalin's ankle is ok) but the Badgers are the second best team in the Big Ten.

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