Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mom's Super Bowl Picks

Now here are my Mom’s picks and her way of predicting who will win the Big Game later today. They are a little different than what you may see on some sports blogs, but she does have a better winning percentage than me. Happy Super Sunday!!!

I don't know why Weston asked me to write on his blog, but while we were waiting at the orthopedic surgeon's office we compared percentages. He had to pick more games than me, but he was at 12.6% winning percentage and I was at 50%. So I figured what the heck. I know absolutely nothing about the stats for any team or player. Weston remembers every stat for every team, player and sport since the Northside Nordic Vikings played the South Central Crusaders, but he can't remember to pick up his socks.

I feel some of my best memories were around horses. Watching the races on the Wide World of Sports and when my Uncle Bill would saddle up a horse and put me up and walk up and down the driveway. And I grew up in the era of the westerns. The Mannings seem like such a nice family as I said before which is refreshing in these times. Indianapolis is probably a nice city but I am definitely a small town girl.

I still don't know anyone on the Saints team except Drew Brees. I heard on TV he is very nice. The only information I have on New Orleans is what I've seen on cops. Women raising their shirts to get some cheap plastic beads, and guys using the streets as a restroom. Seeing how much you can drink and how many fights you can have. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Colts 42 Saints 38

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