Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl: Good And Bad

Yesterday's Super Bowl was a pretty good game besides the Colts not showing up after the first ten minutes. Great commercials, a perfect setting and the New Orleans Saints winning their first Super Bowl made this game one to remember.

First I'll be a killjoy. CBS did a great job. Jim Nantz and Phil Sims do a great job and could be the best duo in the business. But why was everybody so kind to owner Tom Benson? He almost kicked the team out of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, yet they treated him like a long suffering hero. I don't get it. If the Lions ever win a Super Bowl (I almost typed "when" then laughed and put if) and anybody is nice to the Old Man (William Clay Ford III, aka the life ruiner) afterwards I will throw my TV out the window and burn it. Luckily, my TV is safe at home as we type.

Good: Drew Brees and the shot of his son. It was very heartwarming. He also played amazing and shook off early game miscues to do very well. He earned that MVP award.

Sean Payton: Onside kick, great game plan, and your team brought it. Best coaching job in the Super Bowl this decade.

Saint's Defense: Really brought the heat and kept Peyton Manning off rhythm.

Joseph Addai: This guy always shows up on the Super Bowl

Snickers Commercial: Very funny, and who knew Abe Vigoda is still around?

E-Trade: Slowly but surely becoming a Super Bowl titan. Those babies are great actors.

Bud Light: Of course, they make excellent stuff.

Megan Fox: Ooooooooh yeah. What was she selling?

Dorito's Commercials: All of them were very good, especially the little kid. They have really delivered the last few years.

Bad: The Who absolutely sucked. They used to be so good. But now at the AARP Super Bowl Halftime Show Presented by Poligrip is getting bad. The Boss, Tom Petty, Prince and Paul McCartney did an awesome job. I don't think its very good to have half an old band play at the biggest half time of the year. I don't know who will play next year but I hope they actually show up.

Coca Cola's Commercials: The Sleepwalker was cool for about 12 seconds then I didn't care. The Simpsons one wasn't funny.

The Colts: Scored 10 points, then disappeared. Really disappointing from a sure fire winner. Peyton Manning played well, but not well enough and that interception was awful. Tony Dungy must work for DiGiorno's because he didn't deliver either.

Queen Latifah: Lame version of a great song. Poor America, The Beautiful.

Danica Patrick: She makes two many commercials which are basically the same thing every time. And she has one more Indycar win than me.

Pretty solid night overall, I went home and enjoyed my mother's cooking (her homemade hot wings are the best in the world) and enjoyed the game. After we have been spoiled the last few years, we get a two touchdown victory.

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