Friday, February 19, 2010

Curling Provides Olympic Dreams To Senior Citizens Around The Globe

When you put things on ice, it gets better, guaranteed. Ice combined with cream is wonderful. Ice combined with soda is refreshing. Shuffleboard combined with ice sparked a global phenomenon that is really gaining ground.

And Seniors around the World are taking notice. The USA's population is getting older, and their tastes in sports have started to lean towards curling. "When I saw my favorite past time combined with brooms and ice, I knew I found my calling, after 88 years on this Earth" says Ernie Johnson. "I haven't been this excited since they invented television, or talking-glow boxes as we called them back in the day." Mr. Johnson has been training in his back yard every winter since he saw the sport in the Salt Lake City Olympics. The sport, which consists of bowling a huge rock down a sheet of ice and then "brooming" the ice to try and land the rock near a bull's eye, knocking other rocks out of the way. Traditional powers include America, Canada, Russia, Brazil and Germany.

Hall of Fame player Jimmy "Slider" Murphy has been in the sport for over 20 years. "I have earned dozens of dollars in this sport. I get recognized in public once every few years even. I am living the American dream!" He even comments on its growing popularity in this year's Olympics. "To see the 400-500 people lining up to fill the arena up to quarter capacity is a dream come true, I just hope to see it become just as popular as baseball or football." The curling tournament is on sometime on either USA Network, NBC, Versus, or online this week.

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