Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Blog Tomorrow, Culhane Fired

I will be unveiling another new weekly blog tomorrow and I assure you it will be a great part of your Fridays from now on. Now I have Wednesdays and Fridays as days I will post every week, come rain, sleet, hail, snow, reconstructive knee surgeries or class. It will be different than my other blogs, but very enjoyable. Can't wait to write it up tomorrow.

In other news, Jim Culhane has been "relieved of his duties" (and I am relieved of watching his stupid brand of hockey being played) effective at the end of the year. So come out this weekend Bronco fans if you want to see him behind the bench. There is nowhere to go but up for this program, who had a miracle year last season. I really hope we realize our potential as a hockey program very soon.

If you follow my Twitter account you know that I think we should have signed Donte Stallworth and hate to see so much made about nothing. We need talent, but I guess we are still in the "lets make the best PR possible right now" phase. Despite there not being a salary cap next year, the Lions will stick to a budget according to team President Tom Lewand (Stallworth signed a 900k contract). I am glad to see a true commitment to solid rebuilding. Not the quick fixes we see in sports. If you are going to buy up some season tickets, now is the time as the Lions lowered prices again. Forward down the field!

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