Friday, February 12, 2010

Thoughts From My Desk February 12th Edition

There are a lot of topics I want to cover today, so I'll lump them together in one huge Super blog.

Texas to the Big Ten?: In a deal that would be a home run for the Big Ten and makes no sense for Texas. The Big Ten would bring in a huge amount of money and viewers for its network. Texas would lose some tradition and make them invest on more jets to get around to play its new conference foes. It would make the Big Ten the most powerful conference in College Football and maybe have us catch less crap from the media. I don't think it will happen. Missouri and Pitt seems like more realistic options for next year's expansion. But good job to the Big Ten for exploring all options.

Damon to the Tigers?: Not a good idea. When your trying to play youngsters, eat salary and cut spending, why would you sign a 36 year old Damon to play Center field? It would mean Austin Jackson would be in Toledo and the Tigers are paying Damon for 2 years, probably close to 14 million dollars. Sure the fan base would be happy, but its not a good move. He could fall apart at any time. Why not just bring back Sheffield at this point?

Culhane out at WMU?: Hooray! We lose a coach who's winning percentage is less than 40%. He came into the program when it needed some time off from scandal and was a young coach with NHL and WMU experience. Now, after failing to build on from last season, it looks like he is out. Let the courting of Ken Hitchcock begin!

Stallworth to the Lions?: Why not? He has paid his debts to society and seems genuinely sad about what he did. He had an accident. It was a very stupid decision sure, but what Mike Vick did was worse because it was done repeatedly. On the football side of things, he would be a nice comeback story and solid option at WR to replace Northcutt and Bryant Johnson if either are released (Bryant looked solid sometimes last year). Also, the Lions would get him on the cheap. Something will probably go down the next few days.

Bengals work out Pacman, maybe sign TO?: Both would be typical Bengal moves. Could TO take a backseat to OchoCinco? Could Pacman continue the "scrapheap" success the Bengals have had the last few seasons? This is a team that needs to keep their foot on the pedal if they expect to make the playoffs consistently.

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