Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You're Welcome: Guess Who Is Going To Be Number One? C'mon Guess!

This is the downtime in sports every year. We have the Olympics to bail us out, but with Basketball about to heat up, but football is over and baseball hasn't started yet. We just have to hold out until March Madness.

1. USA Hockey: In a stunning upset over the heavily talented and hometown Canadians, America showed the world they aren't the pushovers everybody thought they would be. Next up for the Americans is Switzerland (a tough team to beat with Jonas Hiller, but we beat them before) then the winner of Canada vs Russia. The path does get tougher but with All-Universe Goaltender Ryan Miller the US can steal any game. The best part of these Olympics so far has been the quality hockey we have seen. Hopefully Bettman will keep the NHLers in the games.

2. The NCAA: This isn't my signature Michigan bashing. The NCAA has really clamped down on its rules lately, with Oregon, USC and Michigan all getting in trouble recently. I would hate to see college football turn into a league where the best break the rules to dominate everybody else. Michigan practiced way too much (and it didn't help) and could lose scholarships and practice time for a few years. Its a serious offense, but not anything that will kill the program. It will just be harder to win for the next few years. Oregon has had 4 players arrested recently and the whole Boise State incident last season. USC has been accused of being an NFL and paying its players. Reggie Bush is the central figure in this investigation. Pete Carroll has a bad season and then this comes out and he skips out to the NFL again. He must know how bad it could get.

3. Kevin Durant: This guy does not get enough credit. He is one of the best players and the league and is leading the charge in Oklahoma City (if you don't count Rumble). They are even trying to get a nickname started (Durantula). He is going to lead the Thunder to a first round playoff series win and could be the building block for that team well into the next decade.

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