Friday, March 19, 2010

Tournament 2010: Michigan State versus New Mexico State Aggies

If your like me, and your bracket is worthless, (thanks UTEP, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and Georgetown) you can focus on the teams you love. 

If you haven't heard of MSU, you either A) go to New Mexico State or B) Don't watch college basketball.

New Mexico State has beaten such powerhouses as Panhandle State, North Carolina A & T, and Alcorn State.  They lost in the WAC Championship game to number 1 seed Utah State.  Their star player is Jahmar Young, averaging 20.5 points per game.

For MSU to win, they need to play fast and start well.  MSU has a nasty habit of starting out slow and playing from behind all game.  The team is upset right now, as Chris Allen was suspended and Summers and Nix didn't see much playing time against Minnesota in the Big Ten tournament.  I know that Izzo is a good enough coach to motivate the team and look past that to the tourney.  Team leaders Lucas and Green will take the team over and can steal a game or two.  Raymar Morgan has been playing so well lately.  We need a lot of that if the Spartans want to reach the Final Four like last year.  State is deep enough to beat some teams that could be called "better."

What will happen:  State will come out firing, dominating with their size and strength.  Lucas will play inspired to shut up Young.  It will be close for a while, but State will out talent and out depth them to a fairly easy win.

Final MSU Wins: 79-65

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