Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tournament 2010: Michigan State vs Maryland

Michigan State did not play as well against New Mexico State but still won.  I'll take any win I can get, but losing a huge lead and possibly Chris Allen could really hurt the Spartans going into a matchup with ACC co-champion Maryland.  I am hoping the Spartans can lean on their Hall Of Fame coach into playing smarter basketball. 

Chris Allen would have to defend Greivis Vasquez, or it will be left to Kalin, who can match his speed.  I don't feel confident in Lucas defending one of the best offensive talents in college basketball.  I expect Vasquez to have a big game, but I still think the Spartans can win.

Draymond Green really handled the rebounding for MSU.  We need more of the same from him today, and more scoring, because 70 points isn't going to cut it.  Maryland won a up and down high octane match up versus Houston, and the Terps can turn this into a track meet really quick.  It is up to MSU to dictate the play and run their game.  Using their experience in a game like this could be the difference.  Maryland didn't have any strong non conference games, so outside of Duke, MSU could be the best team Maryland has played.

I have MSU winning this game, but only if they play their game.  Allen will play some, he is too tough and its the tournament.  If Maryland runs the floor, MSU will use.  But the physical, defensive Big Ten style of play could really throw a wrench into things.

MSU 78 Maryland 76

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  1. Hey man, reading this after first thing I looked at was the score...hella close bro!